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2022 Regional Art Show

The creative work of students from five area school districts was highlighted at the 2022 Regional Art Show last week at Sourcewell.

More than 100 pieces of art were on display by students in grades 4-12 representing Browerville Public School #787, Little Falls Community Schools, Pequot Lakes Middle School, Pequot Lakes High School, Pine River-Backus Schools, and Staples-Motley School District

Congratulations and thank you to all participating schools and students. 


**see gallery at bottom of page

Categories and top finishers

Grade 4-6 Overall 

1st place – Gauge Weber (Pine River-Backus) Surrealism Hallway (Drawing) 

2nd place – Ioah Spychalla (Browerville) Spraying Elephant (Mixed Media) 

3rd place – McAyden Brown (Browerville) Sunset Album (Photo) 

Honorable Mention – Alayna Riedel (Browerville) The Twist (Sculpture) 

Honorable Mention – William Myers (Browerville) Pumpkin Spider (Photo) 


Grade 7-8 Printmaking 

1st place – Callie Norman (Pine River-Backus) Girl Remembering 

2nd place – Nesika Bellville (Pine River-Backus) Duck Family 

3rd place – Leila Kordiak (Pine River-Backus) Owl 


Grade 7-8 Pottery & Ceramics 

1st place – Addison Winkler (Browerville) Coiled Dragon 

2nd place – Ella Dahl (Pine River-Backus) Cow 

3rd place – Nesika Bellville (Pine River-Backus) Skunk and Bird 


Grade 7-8 Drawing 

1st place – Addison Winkler (Browerville) Heisenberg RE 

2nd place – Yoslaidy Miles Jauregui (Browerville) People are Trapped Together 

3rd place – Sophia Borchert (Browerville) Hand & Globe 


Grade 7-8 Sculpture 

1st place – Sophia Borchert (Browerville) – Art Sculpture 

2nd place – Ben Biegler (Browerville) George & George Jr. 


Grade 7-8 Photo 

1st place – Brielle Winkler (Browerville) Blanding's Turtle 

2nd place – Brielle Winkler (Browerville) Smokey Drift 


Grade 7-8 Painting 

1st place – Avery Freie (Browerville) Music is My Medecine 


Grade 9-12 Pottery & Ceramics 

1st place – Raena Hanneken (Pine River-Backus) Snakes Coil Vessel 

2nd place – Allaura Mandelbaum (Pine River-Backus) Clay Coil Femail Figure 


Grade 9-12 Drawing 

1st place – Emali Jimenez (Staples-Motley) Willow 

2nd place – Willow Mickelson (Pine River-Backus) Elizabeth Taylor 

3rd place – Emali Jimenez (Staples-Motley) Petals 

Honorable Mention – Aubrey Larsen (Pequot Lakes) Crazy Maisy 

Honorable Mention – Madeline Dehn (Little Falls) Walk in the Dark 

Honorable Mention – Genevieve Flies (Little Falls) Beatrix 

Honorable Mention – Grace Lorentz (Browerville) Tribal Artwork 


Grade 9-12 Sculpture 

1st place – Emali Jimenez (Staples-Motley) Jorge 

2nd place – Landen Reier (Pequot Lakes) Blooming Love 

3rd place – Allaura Mandelbaum (Pine River-Backus) Mask 

Honorable Mention – Landen Reier (Pequot Lakes) Untitled Plant 

Honorable Mention – Cordaye Yetzer (Pequot Lakes) Cthulhu 


Grade 9-12 Photo 

1st place – Colton Gregoire (Little Falls) Losing Grip 

2nd place – Arial Volberding (Little Falls) Falling Colors 


Grade 9-12 Painting 

1st place – Joselyn Rinio (Pequot Lakes) Leopard 

2nd place – Emali Jimenez (Staples-Motley) Fungi Fantacy 

3rd place – Avery Park-Threlkeld (Little Falls) Lack of Freedon 

Honorable Mention – Allen LeFebvre (Pine River-Backus) Night Sky 

Honorable Mention – Taylor Sherack (Pequot Lakes) Cocktail Party 

Honorable Mention – Taylor Sherack (Pequot Lakes) I DON'T Know 

Honorable Mention – Nicole Carter (Staples-Motley) Holding On 

Honorable Mention – Joselyn Rinio (Pequot Lakes) The Eyes of Jasper 

Honorable Mention – Jessica Fabian (Pequot Lakes) Untitled 

Honorable Mention – Jessica Fabian (Pequot Lakes) Untitled 

Honorable Mention – Madelyn Buffington (Pequot Lakes) Mixed Emotions 


Grade 9-12 Mixed Media 

1st place – Ava Palmer (Pequot Lakes) Trier 

2nd place – Lily Albertson (Staples-Motley) Goldfish 

3rd place – Ava Palmer (Pequot Lakes) Venus and Her Lambs 

Honorable Mention – Ava Palmer (Pequot Lakes) Sampha 

Honorable Mention – Kaitlyn Blom (Browerville) Split Mentality 


Grade 9-12 Crafts 

1st place – Maria Bance (Pequot Lakes) Untitled 

2nd place – Ben Trutwin (Browerville) Pond Flowers 

3rd place – William Bleninger (Browerville) Cutting Board