17:00 PM

2023 Regional Art Show

A Colorful Celebration of Student Work

The creative work of students from five area school districts was highlighted at the 2023 Regional Art Show on May 11, 2023, at Sourcewell.

More than 130 pieces of art were on display by students in grades 4-12 representing the Browerville, Pequot Lakes, Pine River-Backus, Sebeka, and Staples-Motley school districts. 

Winners from each category will be entered into the Minnesota State Fair in August. 

Congratulations and thank you to all participating schools and students. 


**see gallery at bottom of page


2023 Regional Art Show Results

Grades 4-6 Results

1st: Ocean Sunset – Painting, Addison Zinter of Browerville

2nd: The Outers of Space – Mixed Media, Devon Golombiecki of Browerville

3rd: Ford Truck – Sculpture, Bentley Schlief of Browerville

Honorable Mention: Desert Sunset – Drawing, Daxson Suderman of Browerville

Honorable Mention: Ducks – Drawing, Rananne Brochacek of Browerville

Honorable Mention: Exploding Rainbow – Painting, Sophia Moses of Sebeka


Grades 7-8 Crafts Results

1st: Wooden House – Breckan Kobliska of Browerville

2nd: Sunset – Clair Perish of Browerville


Grades 7-8 Drawing Results

1st: Future Adventures – Lucy Rickbeil of Browerville

2nd: Trapped Flower – Lydia Reed of Browerville

3rd: Sam’s Self Portrait – Sam Fisk of Browerville

Honorable Mention: Color Blobs – Anabella Berg of Browerville

Honorable Mention: Violin – Emily Biegler of Browerville


Grades 7-8 Mixed Media Results

1st: Living Tree – Madilyn Turner of Pine River-Backus


Grades 7-8 Painting Results

1st: Palm Tree Sunset – Olivia Browen of Browerville

2nd: Color Bomb – Jessie VanOurkerk of Sebeka


Grades 7-8 Pottery & Ceramics Results

1st: Cuphead – Zoe Clasemann of Browerville

2nd: Cup – Hannah Blommel of Browerville


Grades 7-8 Printmaking Results

1st: Remember Me – Aiden Ferguson-Moats of Sebeka

2nd: Violin – Bethany Schultz of Pine River-Backus

3rd: Rosa From the Dead – Katelyn Weaver of Sebeka


Grades 7-8 Sculpture Results

1st: Night and Day – Mikayla Ballinger of Browerville

2nd: Mindfulness – Anika Tureson of Browerville

3rd: Spots on Black – Cody Crosby of Browerville

Honorable Mention: Cat in the Hat – Leia Wiebe of Browerville


Grades 9-12 Crafts Results

1st: Aboriginal Butterfly – Tindra Osterlund of Staples-Motley

2nd: Dotted Lizard – Lana Schwab of Staples-Motley

3rd: Yarn Weaving – Alexis Dotzler of Browerville


Grades 9-12 Digital Art Results

1st: Glitched – Lily Albertson of Staples-Motley


Grades 9-12 Drawing Results

1st: Froggy – Cassidy Shankle of Pequot Lakes

2nd: Medusa – Nicole Carter of Staples-Motley

3rd: Grandpa – Corissa Kerger of Pequot Lakes

Honorable Mention: Arthur Morgan – Adddison Winkler of Browerville

Honorable Mention: Crazy Cat – Cassidy Shankle of Pequot Lakes

Honorable Mention: Prism Color – Allaura Mandelbaum of Pine River-Backus

Honorable Mention: Growling Grizzly – Kevin Dailey of Sebeka


Grades 9-12 Painting Results

1st: Colossal Quack – Liza Moses of Sebeka

2nd: Big Trout Lake – Taylor Max of Pequot Lakes

3rd: Table of Warmth – Willow Mickelson of Pine River-Backus

Honorable Mention: Pinwheel Forest -  Madison Cochran of Pequot Lakes

Honorable Mention: Untitled – Madison Cochran of Pequot Lakes

Honorable Mention: Lost in a Story – Jan Kristen Ragasajo of Pine River-Backus

Honorable Mention: Book Covers – Sarah Jagush of Browerville


Grades 9-12 Photography Results

1st: Books – Kali Tappe of Pequot Lakes

2nd: Afternoon Delight – Jacquelynne Christensen of Pequot Lakes

3rd: 4 a.m. – Millie Taylor of Pequot Lakes

Honorable Mention: After the Rain – Millie Taylor of Pequot Lakes

Honorable Mention: Divergence – Maya Petzoldt of Pequot Lakes


Grades 9-12 Pottery & Ceramics Results

1st: Dragon’s Breath – Addison Winkler of Browerville

2nd: Humble Village – Scott Huttunen of Sebeka

3rd: Fish Mouth – Yanxul Taveras Perdomo of Browerville


Grades 9-12 Printmaking Results

1st: The Animal Gala – Emily Godfrey of Pine River-Backus

2nd: Glass – Alexandria Yost of Pine River-Backus

3rd: Curving Collagraph – Katelyn Denton of Pine River-Backus


Grades 9-12 Sculpture Results

1st: Bound in Desperation – Landen Reier of Pequot Lakes

2nd: Chameleon – Cassidy Shankle of Pequot Lakes

3rd: Icy Hot Oni – Willow Mickelson of Pine River-Backus

Honorable Mention: Gentle – Nicole Carter of Staples-Motley

Honorable Mention: A Guy with Gears – Cassidy Shankle of Pequot Lakes 

Honorable Mention: Ugly Connect Four – Amanda Carter of Staples-Motley

Honorable Mention: Draped Torso – Nicole Carter of Staples-Motley


Grades 9-12 Sculpture Results

1st: Overthinking – Jayden Dugger-Soule of Sebeka