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A Contract Made to go Around

Michelin awarded contract for tires

Land or sky – if it moves, it likely needs tires.

Michelin has been awarded a contract in the Tires with Related Equipment and Supplies category, making their products and services available through cooperative purchasing.

This contract offers access to new, retread, pneumatic, and solid rubber tires; tires composed of other polymeric compounds; tubes, stems, rims, and wheels; and other related equipment and supplies.

“From airplanes to automobiles,” says Supplier Development Administrator Chuck Dick, “this contract will provide public agencies with peace of mind and the quality products they depend on for most anything on wheels.”


Following a competitive solicitation process, Sourcewell awarded a cooperative purchasing contract offering access to this supplier:

Michelin | 082521-MLN
A wide variety of tires, including commercial, retreaded commercial, off-road, passenger, police pursuit, airplane, bicycle, earthmover, farm equipment, and motorcycle – from brands including Michelin, BFGoodrich, and Uniroyal.


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