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Airfield Maintenance Solutions Through NJPA


NJPA recently awarded contracts for “Airport Consumable Products with Related Supplies and Services,” through solicitation #062817. NJPA contracts are solicited across North America and competitively awarded on behalf of NJPA current and potential government and education member agencies.

STAPLES, Minn. (31 October 2017) – There's a lot of hustle and bustle at an airport. As security and airline officials take care of business within the terminal, airfield managers and specialists are tasked with inspecting and maintaining runways, and directing repairs. Having the correct products on hand is essential to ensure runways are safe and ready to accommodate all traffic.

National Joint Powers Alliance® (NJPA) is pleased to offer its members solutions in airport and airfield maintenance. Following a nationwide competitive solicitation, NJPA awarded contracts to Ennis Paint Inc., Evergreen Solutions Corporation, Hi-Lite Airfield Services, and New Deal Deicing.

Through these contracts, public entities can purchase a wide variety of FAA-compliant products and supplies, including airfield marking materials, runway deicer, rubber removal agents, firefighting agents, and eco-friendly cleaning products.

“We exist to serve our members and provide solutions to make their day-to-day operations more efficient,” said David Duhn, NJPA lead contract administrator. “These awarded vendors are ready to support our members in airfield management with a wide variety of products and services.”

Purchasing off an NJPA contract streamlines the procurement process for public entities, saving them time and money. Effective as of September 26, 2017, the contracts are available to all NJPA members throughout the US and Canada.


Vendor & Contract information

Ennis Paint Inc.


 Evergreen Solutions Corporation 


Hi-Lite Airfield Services


New Deal Deicing


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