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Answering the Call

Contracts awarded in public safety communications, technology

When an emergency calls, critical communications technology must be available to answer.

Eight suppliers have been awarded contracts in Public Safety Communications Technology and Hardware Solutions category, making their products and services available through cooperative purchasing. These contracts offer communications technology and hardware, including station alerting and paging systems, land mobile radios (LMR), satellite communication equipment, high-power user equipment (HPUE) for long-term evolution (LTE), and other devices and equipment, and related services.

“One of the fastest evolving areas of the public safety market is in communications technology and hardware,” noted Manager of Supplier Development Tom Perttula. “It is important that we provide contract solutions for our public safety clients so they can more quickly procure critical communications solutions for their agencies.”

Following a competitive solicitation process, Sourcewell awarded cooperative purchasing contracts offering access to these suppliers:

Icom America | 042021-ICM
Icom two-way analog and digital radio handhelds, mobiles, base stations, repeaters, receivers, wireless internet protocol (IP), LTE, satellite, and radio over internet protocol (RoIP) gateway devices to support the amateur, avionics, land mobile, system, marine, and network industries.

IP Access | 042021-IAC
Satellite bandwidth on multiple satellites for government and enterprises with multiple service plan options; satellite terminals including fixed, flyaway, vehicle mount, trailers and command vehicles; and cellular and satellite modems.

L3Harris Technologies | 042021-L3H
Radios, dispatch consoles, and communications equipment for public safety, federal, utility, commercial, and transportation markets including accessories, base stations, LTE/broadband, cybersecurity, push-to-talk, situational awareness, and encryption.

Motorola Solutions | 042021-MOT
A provider of mission-critical communication solutions that can be integrated to provide agencies with greater efficiency and effectiveness. This includes P25 radios and radio systems, backhaul, private LTE NITRO, Fire Station Alerting, radio dispatch consoles, and more.

PURVIS Systems | 042021-PUR
PURVIS is a technology solutions partner that provides mission-critical solutions for government agencies, including the PURVIS Fire Station Alerting System – an IP-based automated voice dispatch and station alerting solution to help decrease response times. 

RadioMobile | 042021-RDO
Fire and EMS information technology; fire station alerting systems; ruggedized mobile data computers with land mobile radio (LMR), LTE, satellite networking options; LMR infrastructure services and solutions; in-vehicle GPS mapping; and incident management software.

Westnet | 042021-WNT
First-In® Fire Station Alerting and dispatch notification systems used to help reduce response times and stress levels in emergency responders, and automated voice dispatch text-to-speech for clear dispatch transmissions to responding personnel.

Zetron, Inc. | 042021-ZET
Interoperable console solutions designed to help maximize command-and-control center operations, enhance situational awareness, and deliver quick, efficient, reliable, and integrated mission-critical communications.


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