Staples, Minn.,
07:00 AM

Art Show Reveals Area Student Talent

STAPLES, Minn. (12 May 2017) -- The public now has a better understanding of what area art teachers have known all along: our students are loaded with artistic talents and abilities.

Over 200 pieces large and small made up of colors bold and soft, uniquely textured fabrics, shiny metals, or repurposed wood shared space on the tables, walls, and temporary display stands of the Centennial Auditorium Lobby, May 11-12, as part of the Freshwater/National Joint Powers Alliance Student Art Show.

The annual show featured artwork from students grades 4-12 from BerthaHewitt, Browerville, Crosslake Community School, Pequot Lakes, Pillager, Pine River-Backus, Staples-Motley, Swanville, and Verndale school districts.

Submission categories included: crafts, digital art, drawing, mixed media, painting, photography, pottery/ceramics, print-making, and sculpture. The top three pieces in each category received awards. Pieces that were near the top three in a category were distinguished with a merit award.

See the full list of results below.

2017 Freshwater Education District/NJPA Art Show Results


 High School Crafts 
           Browerville Public School                         Kassandra Cisneros                   
Browerville Public SchoolEric Brauch 
Staples-Motley High SchoolAleesha Carlson                      Pinwheel              
Browerville Public SchoolDakota Strom 
Browerville Public SchoolDustin Martin 
 High School Digital Art 
Staples-Motley High SchoolJack BendsonPortrait
Staples-Motley High SchoolLiz FlansburgYou Can't Believe Your Eyes
Bertha Hewitt School DistrictMolly RefshawBee
 High School Drawing 
Verndale Public SchoolEmilia LintalaPineapple
Pequot Lakes High SchoolEmily BrunkhorstUntitled
Pillager School DistrictJazmin BlowersGoat
Pillager School DistrictKendra BeachPanda
Pequot Lakes High SchoolMadysen SmithUntitled
Pillager School DistrictRachael OieWrappedtile
Staples-Motley High SchoolRiley PertersonPark Bench
Pine River-BackusElayna HallbeckOctopus Eye
Browerville Public SchoolEmily Hinnenkamp 
Staples-Motley High SchoolAlyssa VanderhoofWhere Hope Lives
Bertha Hewitt School DistrictJames FollmerUntitled
Pillager School DistrictEmily KautzGiraffe
Bertha Hewitt School DistrictMatthew FollmerBelial
 Middle School Mixed Media 
Bertha Hewitt School DistrictKayla GriffinUnderwater
Pequot Lakes High SchoolBrit KratochvilUntitled
Verndale Public SchoolEMilia LintalaParrot
Pequot Lakes High SchoolElena GroveUntitled
Pillager School DistrictQuinten OlekLab Rat!!!
Pine River-BackusAlyssa QuinnSelf-Portrait
Pine River-BackusElayna HallbeckSelf-Portrait
Verndale Public SchoolTaya BrownWalk it Off
Verndale Public SchoolEMilia LintalaPirates
Pillager School DistrictDanielle ConklinI See the Light
Bertha Hewitt School DistrictMatthew FollMerChild of the Purple Robes
Bertha Hewitt School DistrictMatthew FollmerUntitled
Verndale Public SchoolTahlia SandbergSkeleton
 High School Painting 
Pine River-BackusAlly AndersonGreat Dane
Pine River-BackusHannah WiedewitschCityscape
Pequot Lakes High SchoolAlison SommernessGoat Girl
Pequot Lakes High SchoolTigerlily BassThe Last
Pine River-BackusAlyssa QuinnNight Sky
Pillager School DistrictEmma HopManCoffee Painting
Staples-Motley High SchoolAlyssa VanderhoofFollow That Dream
Pine River-BackusJudith ReedSpringer Spaniel
Pequot Lakes High SchoolKelly HehirSpring Blooming
Verndale Public SchoolTahlia SandbergOver the French Riviera
 High School Photography 
Browerville Public SchoolEmily Hinnenkamp 
 Lauren ToewsTranquility (River)
Browerville Public SchoolSara Carstensen 
 Lauren ToewsGrace (Horse)
 High School Pottery/Ceramics 
Pequot Lakes High SchoolNick BarthJug
Pequot Lakes High SchoolNick BarthVase
Pequot Lakes High SchoolNick Barthbowl
Bertha Hewitt School DistrictPaige WelshanPlatter
Pillager School DistrictZeke GilbertsonTea Pot
Verndale Public SchoolDeven LundbergClay box
Verndale Public SchoolJasmine StoekerRoses
Staples-Motley High SchoolKelsie WeiteOcto Pot
Staples-Motley High SchoolMillie KlefsaasCactus Pottery
 High School Print-Making 
Pine River-BackusJulia SextonShapes - collagraph
Pine River-BackusSabrina SchroederFish - collagraph
Staples-Motley High SchoolJordan CarlsonCardinal
Staples-Motley High SchoolLili SchneiderIn the Woods
 High School Sculpture 
Browerville Public SchoolDillon Warren 
Staples-Motley High SchoolNorah AndersonField of Nails
Staples-Motley High SchoolKelsie WeiteGill
Pillager School DistrictEmily Gordon3-D Letter
Staples-Motley High SchoolKenna BjergaPurple Rhino
Pillager School DistrictRachael Oie3-D Letter
Pine River-BackusAutumn RiceSkull
Pequot Lakes High SchoolLuke HansenUntitled
Pillager School DistrictTristan PfaffUruk-Hai
Browerville Public SchoolMatthew May 
 Middle School Crafts 
Bertha Hewitt School DistrictCameron MitchellOp Art Kite
Bertha Hewitt School DistrictIsaac BlashackOp Art Kite
Bertha Hewitt School DistrictAlex TubbsOp Art Kite
Bertha Hewitt School DistrictTy Quigley DischerOp Art Kite
 Middle School Drawing 
Verndale Public SchoolAlec LundbergShoe Boat
Verndale Public SchoolJamie HahnShoes
Browerville Public SchoolFaith Zigan 
Verndale Public SchoolAlec LundbergFlower
 Middle School Mixed Media 
Verndale Public SchoolAbbie McManigleZentangle Dolphin
Bertha Hewitt School DistrictAden RachZentangle Frog
Bertha Hewitt School DistrictIsabell EllingsonZentangle
 Middle School Painting 
Browerville Public SchoolJezebel Hidalgooil
Bertha Hewitt School DistrictCodey WolffBalance
Bertha Hewitt School DistrictNatalie KuchinskiUntitled
Pine River-BackusOlivia AdkinsCityscape
 Middle School Photography 
Browerville Public SchoolTyra MyersSunset
Browerville Public SchoolMarissa CallahanSunset w/City
Browerville Public SchoolMadeline Irsfeld 
Browerville Public SchoolTyra Myers 
Pillager School DistrictJulia ThomasDock
Browerville Public SchoolMarissa Callahan 
 Middle School Pottery/Ceramics 
Swanville School DistrictTyra PowellUntitled
Verndale Public SchoolHanna HinmanBunny Whistle
Verndale Public SchoolBroc GrabaClay fish
 Middle School Print-Making 
Pine River-BackusNicole JohnsonLeaves
Pine River-BackusNolan OlivierLion
Pine River-BackusNicole HaffDucks
 Middle School Sculpture 
Browerville Public SchoolTrey Lancaster 
Motley-Staples Middle SchoolLily AlbertsonColors Matter
Browerville Public SchoolAnna MyersSunset
Crosslake Community SchoolJostin MitchellA Beautiful Plant
Pierz Pioneer ElementaryJulian WestmorelandDragon Drawings
Motley-Staples Middle SchoolKristofer TaylorGhost Rider
Browerville Public SchoolDanielle Prather 
Browerville Public SchoolAbby Marxer 
Browerville Public SchoolBlake Irsfeld 
Crosslake Community SchoolAndrew LoefflerTwo Leaves
Crosslake Community SchoolTeagan JohnsonThe Silver Fern
Browerville Public SchoolBrady Host 
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