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When it comes to purchasing, City Administrator Jenny Max of Nisswa (MN) captures the best of both worlds — local dealer access with national buying power. Max and her staff keep taxpayer dollars in the community while saving time and money during the procurement process by utilizing cooperative contracts through Sourcewell to quickly buy a variety of goods and services.

“When we need to buy equipment, new technology, office products, things like that, we don’t have a lot of staff to spend a lot of time to do those things,” says Max. “Sourcewell really saves us time and money.”

In fact, Nisswa city leaders recently flexed their purchasing power to buy new mowers, a side-by-side UTV, and a payloader – all purchased using local dealers. After contacting area sales representatives, city staff then purchased computers, monitors, and technology using Sourcewell contracts.

“A city of any size should look into using Sourcewell,” says Max. “There are hundreds of contracts for all kinds of services, so it’s just a tremendous resource.”

Sourcewell is your government source for more than 400 cooperative contracts.

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