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Boca Raton Streamlines its Fleet Purchases with Cooperative Purchasing

City leaders create efficiency with familiar choices and cooperative purchasing source

Su Breslow, Fleet Contract Administrator for the City of Boca Raton, Fla., understands the equipment procurement process, working closely with the city's purchasing division to manage a fleet of 1,000 vehicles ranging from automobiles to heavy equipment.

Breslow is responsible for the procurement of vehicles for all of Boca Raton's public departments including utility services, municipal services, recreation, and sanitation services.

For Su, Sourcewell contracts are a helpful tool to evaluate equipment costs and features. The process also offers competitively solicited pricing through the contract.

The Sourcewell contract is structured so that participating agencies can review the awarded contract, the equipment options, and the awarded pricing.

In addition to evaluating cost and equipment options to make the best investment for the city, Su works with the end users of each department to gather feedback on their equipment needs.

Recently, Boca Raton utilized the Altec contract through Sourcewell to purchase utility equipment.

“It's been a positive experience,” Breslow said of working through Sourcewell. “The contract includes a wide variety of vehicles and equipment to choose from depending on the scope of what you're looking for.”

Learn more about Sourcewell and Altec at sourcewell-mn.gov.


About Sourcewell

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