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Contracts awarded in sewer vacuums and equipment

Don't waste time when it comes to maintaining municipal sewer and wastewater systems.

Sourcewell recently announced nine suppliers have been awarded contracts in the Sewer Vacuum, Hydro-Excavation, and Municipal Pumping Equipment with Related Accessories and Supplies category, making their products and services available through cooperative purchasing.

These contracts offer access to sewer vacuums and cleaners; hydro- or air-excavation equipment; jetters and rodders; dewatering, mud, trash, and centrifugal pumps; and related accessories, supplies, and parts.

“Sourcewell has offered its participating agencies sewer vac and hydro excavation solutions for over 10 years,” says Supplier Development Supervisor Andy Campbell. “This latest RFP offers the newest innovations the vac truck industry has to offer. From the latest water recycling and reclamation technology to the most current trends hydro vacs offer in public utility maintenance industry, our new contracts in this category have our members covered from A-Z.”


Following a competitive solicitation process, Sourcewell awarded cooperative purchasing contracts offering access to these suppliers:

GapVax | 101221-GPV
Combination and recycler sewer cleaners; hydro excavation; catch basic cleaners; water and sewer jetters; truck- and trailer-mounted units; industrial vacuum loaders; vacuum, dry vac, and air excavators; and hydro-vac units.

Gradall Industries | 101221-GRD
Vacall, combination jet and vac, hydro-excavation, truck-mounted sewer jet, and industrial vacuum machines; combination jet and vac recycling machines; and truck-mounted catch basin vacuums.

Holland Pump | 101221-HLD
Sewer bypass, fast dry priming trash, hydraulic submersible, diaphragm, emergency lift station, flood drainage, dewatering, and high vacuum wellpoint pumps; axial flow, high volume, and flood pumps; high pressure for solids handling; and engineering and problem-solving.  

Ring-O-Matic | 101221-RGO
Hydro- and vacuum-excavation equipment, including trailer- and skid-mounted units; size range from 150- to 3,000-gallon units; vacuum capabilities from 600 CFM to 3,000 CFM, with many additional options available.

Sewer Equipment | 101221-SCA
Combination sewer and catch basin cleaners; truck- and trailer-mounted sewer jetters and vacuum excavators; jetaway easement machines; rodding and bucket machines; sewer cleaning nozzles; camera inspection vehicles and equipment; air excavators; and parts and accessories.

Super Products LLC | 101221-SPL
Camel combo sewer cleaner and wastewater recycler to jet and vacuum sewer lines, dump or eject debris, with single-engine design; SuperJet line to blast sewer debris, flush out sewer lines; Mud Dog vacuum excavator with safe digging and unloading ejector; and compact vacuum excavators.  

Thompson Pump Company | 101221-TPM
Wet-prime and compressor-assisted dry-prime trash pumps; vacuum-assisted priming systems; sound attenuated, utility trash, diaphragm, vacuum and wellpoint, and high-pressure solids-handling pumps; hydraulic power units; and submersible pump heads.

Vac-Con, Inc. | 101221-VAC
Sewer cleaning and hydro-excavation equipment, including truck- and trailer-mounted units; vacuum and water cleaning solutions; combination, recycler, hydro-excavation, and jetter machines; and sewer cleaning, storm drain, catch basin cleaning, daylighting, and potholing.

Vactor Manufacturing | 101221-VTR
Combination sewer cleaners, as well as catch basin cleaners; water jetters; vacuum excavators; and vacuum and hydro excavation.


Sourcewell cooperative purchasing offers choice, value, and peace of mind. Contracts are competitively solicited and delivered through your local dealer or representative. Search our contracts to expand your purchasing options.

Learn more by contacting our client relations team at 877-585-9706 or email.