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GovDeals from Coast to Coast

From coast to coast, government organizations are finding success with GovDeals.


Real (Estate) Returns

In New Jersey’s Mansfield Township, a piece of real estate became a real relief after working with GovDeals.

Mansfield used GovDeals in the past to sell surplus items and equipment, but this was their first time listing real estate property through the online auction marketplace.

One property was an old worn-down home, and the other was an empty lot with the remnants of a foundation from a fire. Anticipating the ease of using a digital service, and the greater exposure to bidders that came with it, Mansfield Township worked with GovDeals to document the properties and set all sales conditions directly into the auction page.

The auctions were posted for five weeks, drawing over 15,000 views and more than 200 bids. In the end, the properties collectively sold for more than $60,000 – a much higher value than the Township had anticipated – even despite a global pandemic.

Wheels and Deals

When Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue in Oregon needs to dispose of used goods and equipment, they turn to the GovDeals contract with Sourcewell.

Eric Wicks, procurement and contracts administrator with Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue said his organization has utilized several different methods to dispose of surplus over the years; but, GovDeals has proven to be the most convenient, effective, and efficient.

Wicks explained, when using a third party to dispose of public goods, government organizations must typically pay a percentage for the service. Depending on how much is sold, that service fee could potentially exceed the procurement threshold – requiring a more formal process.

“By using Sourcewell’s cooperative purchasing program, our contract with GovDeals meets our procurement requirements and simplifies the sales process,” Wick said. “Though GovDeals staff are always ready and willing to help, the GovDeals system is so simple and easy to use that we can list most items with little administrative oversight.”

By using the publicly-solicited Sourcewell contract, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue ensures they are meeting any potential procurement requirements – as well as save time and money in the process.

“We appreciate the flexible fee structure where GovDeals collects proceeds from buyers and issues us a monthly check in exchange for a small percentage of each item sold.”


See for Yourself

Discover the GovDeals contract at sourcewell.co/GovDeals.

In addition to serving all facets of government, Sourcewell offers additional contracts specific to public safety and the fire service. Save time and money, as well as support fire organizations throughout the country through a partnership with FireRescue GPO and the International Fire Chiefs Association. Learn more at sourcewell-mn.gov/fire-rescue-gpo.