19:19 PM

Lifted Out of a Tough Situation

Williamson County, Tennessee had an interesting yet not uncommon problem.

A vehicle lift that had been purchased only a few years prior needed service; both the right front and right rear columns of the four-post lift had worn out, and multiple equalizer cables needed changing.

Sourcewell supplier LIFTNOW saw this as a unique opportunity to use its contract (#013020-LFT) to give the customer flexibility and an option: replace their ailing lift or use LIFTNOW's Sourcewell service program to repair the lift – all under its Sourcewell contract.

This was a conversation that reflected the real decisions that must be made daily with capital equipment. Sometimes the value of a new asset will outweigh the costs; other times, it makes more sense to perform repairs and maintenance.

After carefully weighing both options extended by LIFTNOW, David Gurley, maintenance supervisor of Williamson County, chose to utilize the Sourcewell service program. By using its existing relationship with the lift’s original manufacturer, LIFTNOW custom ordered the columns and cables necessary to complete the service in a timely manner. LIFTNOW was even able to engage the service provider of Williamson County’s choice under the Sourcewell contract. The service provider was able to receive all the same work that Williamson County has trusted over the years while passing on additional savings and compliance to the county under the Sourcewell contract.

“LIFTNOW was very easy to work with and as prompt as anyone could be," Gurley said. "Service was excellent. Coordination of the process from start to finish was outstanding. Thanks for the great work – I will be using your services again.”