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LOCAL EVENTS - January 2018

See what's happening at NJPA, and throughout Region 5, for the month of January

See whats happening at NJPA, and throughout Region 5, for the month of January

All events held at NJPA (unless noted otherwise)


Jan 16, 17, 18

(three separate courses)


Mental Health Awareness CourseThis training is designed for all sworn officers: police, sheriffs, corrections, park police, transit police, DNR officers, state patrol and county employees and mental health professionals who desire a more collaborative relationship for helping someone experiencing a mental health crisis. Taught by Minnesota Crisis Intervention Training Officer's Association, attendees will gain a basic overview of mental illness, including causes and nature of illnesses, plus hear from a panel of people living with mental illness. Learn more at
Wednesday, Jan 24English Language Development SeriesDesigned for educators and administrators, this opening session of a four-part series will provide a better understanding of the types of English Language Learners and how to structure school programming to best meet their needs. Learn more at
Wednesday, Jan 31What You Need to Know for the 2020 Census: Organizing for a Complete CountThe 2020 Census is coming. A complete, accurate count will ensure your community has the maximum visibility and voice in the coming decade. In this workshop, learn about the importance of Complete Count Committees and the best strategies for organizing, including best practices, tools, and timelines highlighting important steps to ensure every resident in your jurisdiction is counted. Presented by Susan Brower, Minnesota State Demographer, and in partnership with the Association of Minnesota Counties. Learn more at
Wednesday, Jan 31

Educators Winter Webinar Series – Vocabulary: So Many Words, So Little Time


Rich vocabulary instruction supports students' background knowledge, understanding of academic concepts, and helps students understand how language works. This webinar includes opportunities to deepen your understanding of vocabulary instruction and provides activities for a variety of grade le
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