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Make your Community Impact Funding application shine

Follow these six tips as you complete the application for funding.

You've got your idea. You've got your team. Now you need some money. Community Impact Funding could fit the bill!

Get started on your application for 2021 funding using these six tips.

  1. Download and save the application to your PC. Follow the instructions on the first page of the application. Using the document in your browser will not all you to save your information.
  2. Gather all contact information. We'll need a primary contact for each entity involved in the project, plus all the usual details of email, phone numbers, physical and mailing addresses, etc. Have this information handy before you start so you can flow right through that section of the application.
  3. Check project alignment with public purpose. Sourcewell funding must benefit the public. Ensure your project aligns using the eight-questions checklist included in the application.
  4. Provide a timeline with action steps. The timeline should start in July 2021, when funding is available, and complete by July 31, 2022, with a final report due Aug. 31, 2022.
  5. Name and define your project. Give your project a title and be ready to tell us whom you're going to serve, the ways you'll positively impact them, and how your project will have widespread, lasting impact…and more!
  6. Get your questions answered. Do a thorough review of the program requirements and application and jot down your questions. Then, email or call us. We're here to help!

Applications are due May 5, 2021. Start yours today>.

About Community Impact Funding

Formerly known as Innovation Funding, Sourcewell's Community Impact program promotes teamwork on projects and initiatives that might not otherwise get off the ground. Local government entities and 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organizations located in Minnesota's Cass, Crow Wing, Morrison, Todd, or Wadena county can apply for funding. Projects go through a multistep application process to ensure they meet program criteria and will have widespread, lasting impact.

Officials from Sourcewell's regional voting membership entities – cities, counties and other government units within Minnesota's Cass, Crow Wing, Morrison, Todd, and Wadena counties – select awarded projects at the annual Review Day. Pending final approval by the board of directors, Sourcewell provides financial and logistical support.

There are two categories for Community Impact Funds: local government and nonprofit.

2021 Timeline

January 2021 – Applications available online.

May 5, 2021 – Applications due to Sourcewell.

June 9, 2021 – Review Day for local governments.

June 16, 2021 – Review Day for nonprofits.

June/July 2021 – Recommended projects go to Sourcewell Board of Directors for approval.

July 2021 – Project funding available.

About Sourcewell

Sourcewell (formerly National Joint Powers Alliance) is a self-supporting government organization, partnering with education, government, and nonprofits to boost student and community success. Created in 1978 as one of Minnesota's nine service cooperatives, we offer training and shared services to our central-Minnesota members. Throughout North America, we offer a cooperative purchasing program with over 300 awarded vendors on contract. Sourcewell is driven by service and the ability to strategically reinvest in member communities.