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National Cooperative Procurement Partners Debuts Newest Webinar Series

Whether you are new to procurement, or are already well-versed in cooperative purchasing, tune in to discover new insights from public procurement leaders through the special three-part series of webinars. Each webinar qualifies for one hour of continuing education credit.

MINNEAPOLIS (6 September 2017) -- The National Cooperative Procurement Partners (NCPP), is taking a lead regarding cooperative procurement education with a debut of its latest webinar series for public procurement and government professionals.

Presented by a diverse panel of procurement experts, the new series entitled, “Climbing the Procurement Pathway: Taking the Road Less Traveled,” provides a unique perspective and approach to creating a cooperative strategy, while highlighting perspectives and real stories of successful contract solutions from guest panelists. Each session is moderated by Tammy Rimes, MPA, NCPP Executive Director and former Purchasing Agent for the City of San Diego. Attendees will have the real-time ability to post questions and be an active part of the presentation.

Participation is free. Learn more and register at:

Construction Zone: Enter at NO Risk (Hard Hats are Optional!) 
September 20, 2017; 2:00 pm EST

Using cooperative contracts for commodities has long been a proven method of procurement. But when it comes to construction and installation services, it can get a bit more complex. For a construction contract, how do you implement requirements, like using local contractors, ensuring a prevailing wage, or maintaining adherence to your own public works codes and regulations? When purchasing a commodity that requires installation, how do you handle the services that go along with it? Hike this less traveled path to discover those nuances, and learn from public agency experts who have used this type of contracting successfully.

The Straight and Narrow Path, Where No Corners Can be Cut! 
November 8, 2017; 2:00 pm EST

Procurement professionals often understand the benefits and advantages of cooperative procurement. But what happens when you need to educate your city council, board or other non-procurement leaders on the concept? Is it time to update your legislative policies or procurement manual with the latest language? Discover how to raise your peers’ and leaders’ cooperative procurement acumen and awareness through case studies, current data and best practices. Hear from legal experts and procurement leaders who have walked in your shoes – and succeeded!

Strategic is as Strategic Does: Walking the Walk! 
January 17, 2018; 2:00 pm EST

Most agencies “piggyback” on cooperative or other government contracts for some of their contracting needs. But does your agency have a cooperative strategy? Have you calculated the percentage of spend going through cooperatives? Have you reviewed the potential of bundling purchases to drive savings? Is there a component to incorporate small, MBE or WBE business participation? Do you already have emergency contracts in place? Using cooperatives is an option, but do you have a real plan? By means of the “Road Map to a Cooperative Procurement Strategy,” gain insight from procurement leaders on how a good strategy works for their agency.

NCPP invites public procurement professionals, agencies, suppliers, contract purchasing programs and professional associations to join this FREE webinar series.



About National Cooperative Procurement Partners (NCPP)

National Cooperative Procurement Partners is committed to working together to promote the highest level of business ethics and best practices in cooperative procurement to serve the procurement needs of government, education and non-profit agencies across the country. To obtain a free copy of the “Road Map to a Cooperative Strategy” and learn more about the new Speaker’s Bureau, please visit

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