Staples, Minn.,
14:07 PM

New Cooperative Contracts for Roadway Maintenance

NJPA recently awarded contracts for “Roadway Maintenance Equipment with Related Accessories, Attachments, Materials, & Supplies” through solicitation #052417. NJPA contracts are solicited across North America and competitively awarded on behalf of NJPA current and potential government and education member agencies.

Roadways are some of our most important public assets. Having the right products and equipment makes it easier to ensure their upkeep, enhance longevity, and support public safety.

Following a nationwide competitive solicitation, National Joint Powers Alliance® (NJPA) awarded contracts to 17 vendors offering solutions in roadway maintenance.

Through the contracts, public entities can purchase a wide variety of roadway products and supplies including patching and sealing equipment, pavement marking paint and related equipment, ditch-mowing equipment and vegetation management chemicals, portable signs and traffic signals, barricades, and much more.

We support cities, counties, states, and provincial government across North America in all kinds of climates and conditions,” says Kelly McAllister, NJPA contract administrator. "It was our goal to ensure we had solutions for everyone. The awarded vendors offer an extensive line of products and equipment, and are eager to serve our members.”

Purchasing off an NJPA contract streamlines the procurement process for public entities, saving them time and money. Effective as of October 2, 2017, the contracts are available to all NJPA members throughout the US and Canada.






 Concrete Production Equipment

 Alamo Group


 Roadside Mowers

 Bergkamp Inc.


 Asphalt Patchers, Crack Filling

 Cemen Tech


 Concrete Production Equipment

 Crafco Inc.


 Pavement Crack & Seal Coating

 Diamond Mowers Inc.


 Roadside Mowers

 EZ-Liner Industries


 Highway Marking Equipment

FINN Corporation


 Erosion Control - HydroSeeders, Straw, Bark, & Mulch  Blowers

Falcon Road Maintenance Equipment


 Asphalt Recycler & Hot Boxes

 PB Loader Corporation


 Asphalt Patchers, Emulsion Systems

 R.L. Parsons & Son Equipment Inc.


 Roadside Mowers

 RhinoAg Inc.


 Roadside Mowers

 Roadhog Inc.


 Road Maintenance Equipment

 Tiger Corporation


 Roadside Mowers

 VT LeeBoy Inc.


 Road Paving, Maintenance Equipment

 Waterblasting LLC


 Road Marking & Marking Removal



 Road Paving, Maintenance Equipment

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