Staples, Minn.,
19:46 PM

New stripes made EZ-er

When Pierce County, Washington, needed to replace an aging paint truck within the calendar year and within budget, officials turned to Sourcewell and EZ-Liner.

A Sourcewell awarded vendor, EZ-Liner has been setting the standard for quality pavement markings since the 1960s.

Considered by some as a leader in the paint striping world, Pierce County Washington faced the need to replace an aging paint truck, as well as upgrade to a striping unit that also could be used for curb painting.

An EZ-Liner sales rep initially met with officials from Pierce County in February 2018. By late June, a proposal and final design was completed and approved, and, in late December, the Model TS-AL800 twin screw paint truck was delivered.

This was Pierce County’s first transaction with EZ-Liner, but not likely to be its last.

At the pre-delivery inspection, comments from Pierce County officials included, “You guys do great work” and “That’s a nice looking truck.”

Technicians are happy with the deck layout from an ease of maintenance perspective, and the paint crews are excited to hit the road with their new truck this spring.

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