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Contracts awarded in Public Safety Software

Protect those who protect others with the help of public safety software options offered through Sourcewell.

Eleven suppliers have been awarded contracts in the Public Safety Software category, making their products and services available through cooperative purchasing. These contracts offer technology and tech-related service for law enforcement, fire/rescue, and EMS, including solutions for dispatch (CAD), records (RMS), learning and training (LMS), workforce management, situational awareness, incident command, citation management, billing, and tracking.

“Technology plays an increasing role in effective and efficient public safety service delivery and agency management. Software-based technology helps public safety agencies process 911 calls, dispatch the right resources, provide critical situational awareness for responders, model potential disaster scenarios, and manage the vast amount of data public safety agencies use,” says Manager of Supplier Development Tom Perttula. “These Sourcewell awarded contracts provide fire, rescue, and law enforcement agencies with many of the tools they need to keep their communities and responders safe.”


Following a competitive solicitation process, Sourcewell awarded cooperative purchasing contracts offering access to these suppliers:

Acadis | 051321-ENV
Acadis is a comprehensive hire-to-retire training, compliance, and performance management solution for public safety organizations.

ATIMS | 051321-AOG
Inmate management tools, including prebook, intake/booking, records, classify, housing (appointments, moves, cell checks, log notes, incidents, and grievances), dashboards, programs, inmate accounting, interfaces, reporting/queues, and hardware.

Deccan | 051321-DEC
Custom-built decision-support software applications to help fire and EMS departments improve response times, optimize their resources, and defend their budgets.

Genasys | 051321-GYS
Multi-channel alerting, including SMS, voice, email, desktop, mobile app, social media, sirens, digital displays, and radio; as well as enterprise and public alerting solutions.

Motorola Solutions  | 051321-MOT
Mission-critical communication solutions to increase agency efficiency and effectiveness, including P25 radios and radio systems, backhaul, private LTE NITRO, FSA, radio dispatch consoles, and more.

Off Duty Management | 051321-OFF
A comprehensive off-duty service and software to assist agencies in creating and managing a centrally administered, no-cost, off-duty program, which also includes full liability and workers' compensation insurance.

Quicket Solutions | 051321-QKT
Cloud-based records management, computer-aided dispatch, eCitation and eCrash, court case management, racial profiling data, NIBRS compliance, evidence and inventory management, analytics, text/email notifications, permits and licenses, and online payments.

RadioMobile | 051321-RDO
Fire and EMS information technology; fire station alerting systems; ruggedized mobile data computers with LMR, LTE, and satellite networking options; LMR infrastructure services and solutions, in-vehicle GPS, and mapping and incident management software.

SmartCOP, Inc. | 051321-SMT
Off-the-shelf software for communications, fire, EMS, sheriff, and police, with a special focus on highway patrol, state police, and conservation enforcement.

Utility Associates, Inc. | 051321-UTI
Digital evidence management, computer-aided dispatch (CAD), BodyWorn camera subscription, vehicle communications, digital evidence solutions, turnkey video capture systems, RMS and JMS for CAD, vehicle diagnostics reporting, real-time crime center, automation of video activation, and secure body camera mounting.

Vaisala | 051321-VAI
Improve the safety of outdoor personnel with Thunderstorm Manager for web-based thunderstorm tracking, lightning detection and real-time lightning data and alerts, and access to lighting reports with Lightning Exporter.


Sourcewell cooperative purchasing offers choice, value, and peace of mind. Contracts are competitively solicited and delivered through your local dealer or representative. Search our contracts to expand your purchasing options.

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