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Read Between the Lines

Four suppliers awarded contracts in parking management systems

Looking for parking management solutions? Stop right here.

Four suppliers have been awarded contracts in the Parking Management Systems with Related Equipment, Supplies, and Services category, making their products and services available through cooperative purchasing.

These contracts offer access to parking meters, pay stations, gates, booths, and parking access and revenue control systems (PARCS); accessibility, permit, and enforcement solutions, including license plate readers, parking counters, and citation applications; and related services and supplies.

“This category is a prime example of Sourcewell acting on client feedback and requests,” says Supplier Development Administrator Mike Domin. “With these contracts, public agencies can find a variety of parking management solutions to suit their specific needs.”

Following a competitive solicitation process, Sourcewell awarded cooperative purchasing contracts offering access to these suppliers:

Flowbird (Cale & Parkeon) | 080321-PRK
Parking payment solutions, multi-space parking kiosks, solar-powered parking meters, pay-on-foot systems, gated parking technology, mobile parking apps, digital parking permits, and automatic fee and ticket vending machines.

gtechna | 080321-GTE
eCitation enforcement solutions for municipalities, parking authorities, police departments, private operators, transportation agencies, colleges/universities, and medical facilities. 

Quicket Solutions | 080321-QKT
Cloud-based configurable software platform for parking management, including permit tracking, eCitations with LPR compatibility, boot and impoundment management, adjudication hearings, notices and correspondence, mobile wallet, and online payments.  

T2 Systems | 080321-TSI
Parking, permit, enforcement management, license plate recognition, mobile payment, and event parking solutions; parking and access revenue control systems; citation and collection services; multi-space pay station parking meters; and time-based parking permits.


Sourcewell cooperative purchasing offers choice, value, and peace of mind. Contracts are competitively solicited and delivered through your local dealer or representative. Search our contracts to expand your purchasing options.

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