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Simplify the Procurement of Alternative-Fuel Vehicles (AFVs)


NJPA and Fleets for the Future team up to increase the deployment of alternative-fuel vehicles in public fleet. The two organizations offer a wealth of information and resources to help public entities in the purchasing and implementation of more sustainable vehicle options.

STAPLES, Minn. (1 September 2017) -- National Joint Powers Alliance® (NJPA) is pleased to announce its partnership with Fleets for the Future (F4F). Through this partnership, NJPA and F4F are coordinating a national procurement initiative to increase the deployment of alternative-fuel vehicles (AFVs) and related infrastructure across the country.

This collaboration is designed to help cities, counties, and regions with the large upfront costs that are associated with AFVs. Public fleet managers can utilize this opportunity to purchase and lease AFVs at discounted rates through NJPA’s extensive list of competitively awarded contracts. Participants can choose from a variety of battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles, natural gas vehicles, and propane autogas vehicles available with NJPA to build their fleets.

“NJPA is excited to join Fleets for the Future in expanding and promoting our alternative fuel vehicle and infrastructure options and providing solutions to public entities in all 50 states,” said Tom Perttula, NJPA’s Manager of Contract Administration.

In addition to vehicles, the two organizations aim to simplify the process of selecting, installing, and implementing the infrastructure to support AFVs. Recently, F4F provided guidance in the creation of NJPA's Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment category, and the addition of five new vendors, including ChargePoint, LilyPad EV, Siemens, AeroVironment, and Greenlots. NJPA will continue to add more opportunities as the partnership progresses.

Joining NJPA is free and easy online and will grant your organization access to exclusive member pricing and vehicle solutions. By joining today, you can ensure your fleet is ready to purchase AFVs and related infrastructure as new opportunities and vendors continue to join NJPA through the Fleets for the Future effort.

Visit the F4F page on the NJPA website to learn more about the partnership, browse vehicles available through the initiative, and discover participating vendors.


Fleets for the Future (F4F) is a national partnership of regional councils, Clean Cities coalitions, and industry experts tasked with coordinating five regional and one national procurement initiative designed to consolidate bulk orders of alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure. Through these procurement initiatives, F4F will reduce incremental costs and disseminate best practices on application, usage, and procurement strategies for the selected vehicles and related infrastructure.

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