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Snow and Ice Handling Contracts Take the Fright Out of Winter

Eighteen vendors provide wide variety of tools and resources for the season

Sourcewell recently awarded contracts in the “Snow and Ice Handling Equipment” category through solicitation #080818. Sourcewell contracts are solicited across North America and competitively awarded on behalf of Sourcewell current and potential government and education member agencies.

Clinton Strother, Sourcewell contract administrator
Sourcewell was very pleased with the quality of manufacturers that responded to our RFP. It was very competitive with 30-plus quality companies. We truly feel the awarded contracts can meet the needs of members in the snow and ice category.
Clinton Strother, Sourcewell contract administrator

The weather may be frightful, but municipalities can take the winter season head on with the help of 18 new contracts awarded in the Snow and Ice Handling Equipment category at Sourcewell.

Sourcewell (formerly NJPA), a national cooperative purchasing organization, awarded the contracts following a nationwide, competitive solicitation process. These contracts offer an impressive array of equipment and solutions for snow and ice removal, including snowplows, salt spreaders, chains, blades, and much more.

“Sourcewell was very pleased with the quality of manufacturers that responded to our RFP,” noted Sourcewell Contract Administrator Clinton Strother. “It was very competitive with 30-plus quality companies. We truly feel the awarded contracts can meet the needs of members in the snow and ice category.”

Purchasers from public entities save time and money by streamlining the procurement process with cooperative purchasing.

Effective October 29, 2018, these contracts are available to all Sourcewell members throughout the United States and Canada.




Henke Manufacturing


Full range of plows, spreaders, pushers, graders.

Epoke North America


Salt, liquid, towed, and bulk spreaders.

Kueper North America


Snowplow cutting edges, full range of equipment blades.

RPM Tech


Heavy equipment for maintenance of roads, railways, subways, and airports.

Little Falls Machine


Variety of plows, snow wings, spreaders, and scrapers.

J.A. Larue Inc.


Loader mounted, self-propelled, and airport snowblowers.

Evolution Edges


Variety of cutting edges, chains, and blades.

Everest Equipment


Snow and ice control products, snowplows, and dump bodies.

Bonnell Ind.


Plows, scrapers, wings, pre-wet systems, parts and accessories.

Horst Welding


Buckets, blades, salt and sand spreaders, plows.

Fair Mfg.


Airport and runway snow removal equipment, dump body inserts, variety of snowblowers.

Wausau Equipment


Chassis, front-mounted and towed brooms, de-icing equipment, cold air blower.

Viking Cives Group


Turnkey trucks, pro-line bodies, repair parts, variety of plows.

Buyers Products Co.


SnowDogg® and SaltDogg® equipment and systems, SAM snow plow aftermarket parts.

Swenson Spreader


Variety of spreaders, winter maintenance solutions, pre-wet systems.

Douglas Dynamics


Fisher Engineering: Skid-Steer snowplows, UTV snowplows, and spreaders
Western Products: Spreader pre-wet systems, expandable wing plows.
SnowEx: Stainless steel hopper spreaders, V-plows, liquid spray systems.

J&J Truck Bodies


Tankers, Bobtail, and Pressure Vacuum, flatbeds, tractors, utility and crane trucks.

Henderson Products


Ice control production equipment, snow and ice control application, maintenance equipment.

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