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STEAM Powered Contracts Now Available

Vendors offer 166 combined years of experience in lab, science equipment industry

Michelle Spychalla, Sourcewell contract administrator
Knowing how important hands-on learning experience is to student success in the sciences, we are pleased to have such a great array of solutions through these contracts.
Michelle Spychalla, Sourcewell contract administrator

With a combined 166 years of experience and expertise in the science equipment industry, two vendors join the list of cooperative purchasing contracts readily available through Sourcewell.

Carolina Biological Supply and Eppendorf North America have earned contracts in the Laboratory and Science Equipment and Supplies with Related Accessories and Services category, adding to Sourcewell's diverse line of options and solutions.

Sourcewell Contract Administration Supervisor David Duhn, involved in the RFP process for this category, says Carolina Biological and Eppendorf provide access to best-in-class equipment for K-12 and higher education, particularly powering the STEAM fields (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics); as well as for specialized use in government.

Sourcewell Contract Administrator Michelle Spychalla says members have requested access to equipment and supplies in the life sciences and believes these vendors will deliver on those diverse needs.

“Knowing how important hands-on learning experience is to student success in the sciences,” Spychalla says, “we are pleased to have such a great array of solutions through these contracts.”

Sourcewell (formerly NJPA), a cooperative purchasing organization, awarded these contracts following a competitive solicitation process:

Carolina Biological - Living organisms, preserved specimens for dissection, lab kits, science teaching kits, lab apparatus, lab equipment, chemicals, physics kits, biotechnology kits, prepared microscope slides, environmental science kits

Eppendorf North America - Life science equipment, instruments, and consumables; pipettes and pipette tips, centrifuges and centrifuge tubes, lab equipment, tubes, freezers, incubators, PCR, shakers

Effective June 10, 2019, these contracts are available to all Sourcewell members throughout the United States and Canada. Purchasers from public entities save time and money by streamlining the procurement process with cooperative purchasing.

Awarded VendorsContract
Carolina Biological042419-CBS
Eppendorf North America042419-EPP
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