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Transform Your Classroom with an Active Learning Center Grant

Steelcase Education will award 16 grants valued at $67K apiece

Steelcase Education seeks partners in active learning who are ready to use their physical classroom space to advance learning in new and important ways.

That's why the National Joint Powers Alliance® (NJPA) awarded vendor will provide funding and research for up to 16 schools in 2018 through its Active Learning Center Grant program.

What is the Active Learning Center (ALC) Grant?

The ALC Grant provides new classrooms to visionary educators and educational institutions that promote the advancement of active learning, a type of instruction that, through flexible seating and setup, and innovative technology, engages students in the learning process.

“Over the last three Grant cycles, we have awarded 40 classrooms to schools in the United States and Canada, and results have been very positive,” said Kevin Loubert, Steelcase Education Manager of State & Local Government Sales. “For example, in 2016, Saluda Trail Middle School in Rock Hill, South Carolina received an ALC grant and converted a conventional space for seventh grade Language Arts into a more active, mobile environment. The result has been higher rates of assignment completion and an increase in grades and test scores across the board. It truly has been a transformative experience for the school.”

NJPA Contract Administrator Tom Morgan says the premise of the program is an excellent opportunity for the organization's members in education.

“We hope our member schools, colleges, and universities take advantage of this opportunity,” said Morgan. “Steelcase does an excellent job answering questions and providing resources to make the application process as pain-free as possible. This is a chance to reach students in new ways and change their lives with active learning environments.”

What does an ALC include?

Recipients can choose from four classroom styles to accommodate up to 30 students per classroom. Each grant includes furniture, design review, installation, onsite training, and research and analyzation tools. Grant proposals are due Friday, Feb. 2, 2018. The program is open to academic institutions that serve grades 6-12, as well as colleges and universities.

How can I apply?

Steelcase offers two Webinars to provide helpful tips for putting together a strong proposal: Thursday, Dec. 14, 2017 and Wednesday, Jan. 10, 208.

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