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Participate in Review Day and impact your community

In June, Sourcewell will award tens of thousands of dollars to local government and nonprofit organizations through the Innovation Funding program.

Those involved with local government and nonprofit organizations are invited to Review Day. For the safety of all participants, Review Day will be held online. This means you can attend from the comfort of your home office or place of business.

Following presentations from each funding applicant, participants have an opportunity to ask questions, then cast their individual vote. The programs with the most votes are forwarded on to the Sourcewell Board of Directors for final approval.

Local Government Review Day (MUST REGISTER BY END OF DAY MONDAY, JUNE 8, 2020)
When: June 10, 2020
Where: Online - this year's Review Day will be held virtually.
Who: Elected officials, staff, and board members of local government organizations in our five-county area of service (Cass, Crow Wing, Morrison, Todd, and Wadena counties)

When: June 17, 2020
Where: Online - this year's Review Day will be held virtually.
Who: Volunteers, staff, and board members of nonprofit organizations in our five-county area of service (Cass, Crow Wing, Morrison, Todd, and Wadena counties)

Preregistration is required to participate for both Review Day events. Find additional details at


Proposed projects for Local Government Review Day:


Request: Vacuum Trailer
Requestor: City of Walker (collaborating with the city of Pine River)

The City of Walker would purchase a vacuum trailer to utilize, collaborate, and share with all communities in Sourcewell's five-county service area. The vacuum trailer's primary use would be to remove pollutants from storm water catch basins and storm scepters. Other uses include sanitary sewer maintenance, hydro excavating, valve exercising, and utilizing software to track said valves and locations. The population of the main location for the vacuum trailer/valve exerciser is approximately 3,000, which more than doubles in summer months. The geographic region includes the Leech Lake and Pine River watersheds. In relation, the project would directly help with pollutants that flow with storm water into Birch, Cass, and Leech lakes, as well as the Pine River. Indirectly, it would affect many other lakes, rivers, and streams.

Request: Safe Families for Children
Requestor: Morrison County (collaborating with Cass, Crow Wing, Todd, and Wadena counties)

Developing a partnership with Safe Families For Children to create community interventions in an effort to keep families and children together. 

SFFC exists to support vulnerable children and parents in crisis by creating extended family through a community of volunteers and to keep children safe, families intact, and prevent them from entering, or re-entering, into child welfare and deflecting children from foster care. They focus on strengthening and supporting parents in crisis by providing breathing room, creating a circle of support that focuses on the desires of the parents to meet identified goals, and provides family coaching that facilitates communication and relationships between families to build understanding, empathy, and compassion.  

Request: Wired Kids
Requestor: Cass County (collaborating with Crow Wing, Morrison, Todd, and Wadena counties)

Bring “Wired Kids” by Cari Ebert training to Sourcewell's five-county service area.

This course is designed to help guide early childhood professionals as they examine the evidence of how excessive screen time is affecting early child development. It is also geared toward pediatric professionals including, but not limited to, early childhood educators, child care providers, pediatric speech-language pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, social workers, psychologists,nurses, pediatricians, public health employees, and early intervention providers.


Proposed projects for Nonprofit Review Day:

Request: Developing Resiliency Programs for Emergency Personnel
Requestor: Essentia Health - St. Joseph's Foundation (with Northern Pines Mental Health Center)

This project proposes to pilot a resiliency program specifically addressing the needs of emergency personnel in Brainerd/Baxter, provide mental health programs for veterans and the general population throughout Crow Wing County, and replicate these throughout the five-county area. Resiliency programs enable wellbeing through social connection, peer learning, and by decreasing the stigma of asking for help. The proposed program will be delivered through Crow Wing Energized (CWE), which improves community health in four focus areas, including workplace wellness, healthy choices, community connection, and mental fitness.


Request: Rx/Vet CSA
Requestor: Sprout MN (collaborating with Region Five Develo9pment Commission/NCEDA)

Region Five Development Commission (R5DC) and Sprout propose an innovative RxCSA Program with specific target focus areas of geographically dispersed veterans and their families, those who are working to increase adaptation and lifestyle capacity while living with mental illness, and those who are recovering from opioid or other drug additions. This program will allow for deeper integration into systems that go beyond just dropping off a bag of healthy food at the door step. This approach offers new life-long skills that change behaviors, build new adaptation skills, increase self-esteem, increase nutritional sustainability, and provide an overall greater well-being.


Request: Sharing Hope Mental Health Initiative
Requestor: Bridges of Hope (collaborating with Sharing Bread Soup Kitchen)

The goal of this program is to intentionally meet the needs of the mentally challenged individuals facing homelessness to ensure they receive a coordination of care through case management, food security, resource connection, support groups, mentoring, education and recreational engagement, mailing receivable, and laundry services for participating clients in this program. This program will bring about positive change through its process, case management approach, and mental health servicing intended to cause a reduction in both homelessness and unmanaged mental health concerns in the homeless population. 


Request: Neurofeedback Brain Retraining
Requestor: Lakes Area Pregnancy Support Center (collaborating with Sexual Assault Services and MN Adult and Teen Challenge)

With funding, BrainCore of Northern Minnesota would provide Neurofeedback Brain Training services to clients of the requesting organizations. The hope is that these services would enhance the work already being done with these clients by providing another layer of healing to past traumas, from childhood and early adulthood, in a way that cannot already be provided. Neurofeedback (also called EEG Biofeedback) is a state-of-the-art, non-invasive, drugless method for teaching the brain to function in a more balanced and healthful way. This method provides changes to brainwaves that can help with anxiety, depression, PTSD, memory loss, sleep disorders, learning disorders, and more without the use of medication.


Request: Reducing Isolation, Building Resiliency, and Empowering Rural Community Members through Connections
Requestor: Cuyuna Regional Medical Center (collaborating with Wellness in the Woods)

This proposal aims to connect families and older adults living in rural communities that reside primarily in Cass, Crow Wing, and Morrison counties (CRMC service area) to Central Lakes College nursing students and other, to be determined, youth student leaders. Through this endeavor, participants would learn technology skills to communicate with family members, gain confidence to connect with peers, family, and even medical providers virtually; as well as learn the importance of creating meaningful connections within their communities. Program participants would also take part in an evidence-based offering called Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP), which has four key strategies in which it aims to: 1) Increase personal empowerment; 2) Decrease or prevent intrusive or troubling feelings or behaviors; 3) Improve quality of life; and 4) Achieve their own life goals and dreams.

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