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Webinar Alert: Taking Your Procurement Strategy to the Next Level

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Purchasing professionals in higher education can learn how to take their procurement strategy to the next level - May 8 - ​Register Today!

Most universities “piggyback” on cooperative or other university contracts for some of their contracting needs. But does your college or university have a cooperative strategy?

This webinar for higher education procurement professionals takes you past the basics. It's a way for your team to experience the time and money savings that a cooperative procurement strategy can bring to your college or university.


Who: Higher Education Procurement Professionals

What: Free Webinar by NAEP & NJPA -  “Taking Your Procurement Strategy to the Next Level”

When: Tuesday, May 8, 2018 @ 2 p.m., EST


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Webinar Learning Objectives

  • Fully understand the concept of cooperative contracts, its benefits and terminology, current approved uses and examples of how they can be used most effectively.
  • Discover questions to ask and techniques to analyze and compare cooperatives, or use them as a tool to evaluate other parts of the procurement process.
  • Unleash creative ideas to solve old problems with new ways by hearing those achievements and success stories of other procurement professionals
  • Develop an updated conceptual plan on how cooperative purchasing might be used in the future to address new customer demands or expectations.


Guiding Questions

Have you calculated the percentage of spend going through cooperatives?

Have you reviewed the potential of bundling purchases to drive savings?

Is there a component to incorporate small, MBE or WBE business participation?

  • Do you already have emergency contracts in place?
  • Using cooperatives is an option, but do you have a real plan?

By means of the “Road Map to a Cooperative Procurement Strategy,” decipher the right questions to ask before using or choosing a cooperative


Our Presenters

Tammy Rimes, Executive Director of the National Cooperative Procurement Partners (NCPP)

Tammy served as Purchasing Agent for the City of San Diego, the 9th largest city in the nation and as Emergency Logistics Chief during the 2007 Witch Creek Fires that raged for 17 days and destroyed over 2000 homes. Under her leadership, the City consolidated its warehouse operations, centralized all purchasing and contracting operations, and moved to a more customer focused approach. Now, as the Executive Director of the National Cooperative Procurement Partners (NCPP), she is passionate about helping government and supplier clients take their cooperative procurement strategy to the next level. As a keynote speaker, trainer and procurement consultant, Tammy strives to motivate and recognize great procurement teams across the nation and support their efforts in solving tough procurement problems. With a Master's degree in Public Administration, Tammy has the unique perspective of working in three different worlds – corporate, government and entrepreneurial.


Duff Erholtz, Membership Development Administrator with NJPA

Duff Erholtz is completing his 11th year in Membership Services for the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA). His primary responsibility is communicating with and supporting the procurement needs of the over 100,000 NJPA Members throughout the country. Duff not only supports existing Members, but he is also responsible for identifying opportunities that contribute to Membership growth. Duff plays a prominent role in supporting both customers and vendors, as well as guiding the customer service initiatives of the NJPA Contract Managers.

Webinar Sponsor - National Joint Powers Alliance® (NJPA)

NJPA is a self-supporting government organization partnering with local, regional, and national education, government, and nonprofits to boost student and community success. Throughout the U.S. and Canada, NJPA offers a cooperative purchasing program with over 270 awarded vendors on contract. On behalf of our 50,000 members, NJPA conducts competitive solicitations, awarding to the most responsive and responsible vendors at the manufacturer level. Members can purchase off these contracts through their local dealers, streamlining the procurement process, which saves time, energy, and money all while shopping local.