17:27 PM

Where 'tic-tac' doesn't mean a breath mint

Four suppliers awarded contracts in skate, bike parks

You can kickflip, handplant, or carve your way to a community skate park with the help of four new contracts at Sourcewell.

American Ramp Company, Artisan Skateparks, California Skateparks, and Spohn Ranch, Inc. have been awarded contracts for the Skate Park, Bike Park, and Pump Track Equipment and Related Services category, making their products and services available through cooperative purchasing at Sourcewell.

These contracts offer public agencies access to materials, equipment, and accessories for skate parks, bike parks, and pump tracks, as well as related services for design-build, site assessment and preparation, installation, maintenance, repair, and warranty.

"Communities are looking for ways to encourage healthy, active lifestyles,” notes Supplier Development Administrator Teresa Fiedler. “These world-class, action sport suppliers offer a wide range of design/build solutions that help communities offer residents options to keep moving.”


Following a competitive solicitation process, Sourcewell awarded cooperative purchasing contracts offering access to these suppliers:

American Ramp Company | 112420-ARC
Skate parks, bike parks, trails, pump tracks, and bicycle playgrounds; design, consultation, and construction; shipping, installation, and service. Also available as Canadian Ramp Company.

Artisan Skateparks | 112420-ART
Turnkey solutions, feasibility and site selection, design and construction, action sports masterplan, maintenance and events, skate parks, bike parks, pump tracts, and moto parks.

California Skateparks | 112420-CAS
All wheel park facilities, skateable art, skate park renovations, feasibility studies, maintenance and events, consultation, design and construction, action sports, skate parks, bike parks, and pump tracks.

Spohn Ranch, Inc. | 112420-SRI
Skate plazas and parks, pump tracks, and bike parks; wheel sports facilities; skate park bowls; repairs; skateable art; design-build; design; and feasibility studies.


Sourcewell cooperative purchasing offers choice, value, and peace of mind. Contracts are competitively solicited and delivered through your local dealer or representative. Search our contracts to expand your purchasing options.

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