Staples, Minn.,
07:00 AM

World's Largest One-day Leadership Conference to be Simulcast at NJPA

Leadercast will be broadcast live from NJPA in Staples on May 5, 2017

STAPLES, Minn. (17 April 2017) — Leadercast is the world's largest one-day leadership conference, broadcast LIVE from Atlanta and simulcast to hundreds of locations around the world on May 5, 2017. This year marks the 17th year of the annual leadership conference and the third year that National Joint Powers Alliance® will be hosting the event at its building in Staples.

Director of Regional Services and local simulcast coordinator, Paul Drange, says NJPA appreciates the opportunity to host and serve as the conduit of a day of learning, networking, and leadership skill development.

“This is an excellent opportunity for professionals in our community to come together and have access to expert and inspirational speakers in the complex realm of leadership,” Drange said. “This year's speakers are behavioral and psychological researchers, business entrepreneurs, authors, and more. Their messages are always relevant current events and issues, and always build off one another, making the conference theme really resonate.”

The theme of this year's Leadercast is, “Powered by Purpose.” Purpose is what defines us, drives us, and empowers us. It is the glue for an organization and the fuel for an individual. Today’s organization can’t rely on old practices. A new organization is emerging and at the center of its driving force is the igniting power of purpose.

  • Companies with ideals of improving people's lives at the center of all they do outperform others by 400%
  • More than 70% of people consider an organization's environmental and/or social impact when deciding where to work
  • Employees that feel they are working toward a good cause show increased productivity by up to 30%
  • People who are able to make a social or environmental impact on the job are more satisfied by a 2:1 ratio

The conference will allow attendees to discover the steps they can take to uncover their purpose, to reconnect to their organization's “why”, to attract and engage the right people for your efforts and to thrive as a team. Key speakers – with purpose-driven leadership– will inspire the 200-plus people who attend locally, and the more than 100,000 people who will attend the event live in Atlanta or at hundreds of other simulcast locations in more than 20 countries. Among the keynote speakers are:

o Daniel Pink - Behavioral Science Expert, Best-Selling Author, & Host of Crowd Control
o Molly Fletcher - Former Top Sports Agent & Author
o Andy Stanley - Leadership Author & Communicator
o Suzy Welch- Author, TV Commentator, & Business Journalist
o Henry Cloud- Acclaimed Leadership Expert, Clinical Psychologist, & Best-Selling Author
o Jess Ekstrom- CEO of Headbands of Hope
o Tyler Perry- Director, Playwright, Screenwriter, Producer, Actor, Author & Entrepreneur

NJPA will open its doors at 7:30 a.m., with the simulcast set to begin at 8 a.m., sharp. The last speaker concludes at 2:30 p.m., with time scheduled after for networking and discussion. Cost is $50 per attendee, which includes a light breakfast and lunch. For more information and to purchase your ticket or group tickets to the Leadercast Staples event, visit Contact NJPA's Missy Tureson with questions.

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