03:29 AM

You Can Get on Board with These Contracts

Sourcewell names four suppliers to school bus category

No need to walk several miles to school, uphill both ways. School buses, as we know them, have come a long way.

Buses fueled by electricity or alternative sources like compressed natural gas, are taking to the road and turning yellow green. Four suppliers have earned contracts in the School Buses with Related Accessories, Supplies, Parts and Services category at Sourcewell and offer schools and other organizations a variety of options.

“These new contracts offer expanded access to multiple school bus manufacturers,” said Sourcewell Supplier Development Supervisor Andy Campbell. “This is an important time as our contracts allow for school districts to take advantage of Volkswagen settlement dollars and assist in meeting sustainability goals, whether that's through alternative fuel engines or 100% electric solutions.”

Contracts in this category offer Type A, Type C, and Type D school buses are powered by a wide range of options, including conventional internal combustion, natural gas or propane autogas, hybrid or alternative fuel, and electric-powered solutions. Different seating configurations and optional equipment offerings are also available.

Following a competitive solicitation process, Sourcewell awarded cooperative purchasing contracts offering access to these four suppliers:

Blue Bird Bus | 063020-BBBVision (propane, gasoline, diesel, CNG, or electric); Micro Bird T-Series, MB-11, and G5 (propane, gas, or electric) buses; All American RE (diesel, electric, or CNG), FE (diesel), and RE (electric) buses.

IC Bus | 063020-ICBCE Series (gasoline, diesel, or propane); RE Series (diesel); active collision mitigation technology; electronic stability control; IC bus full-view camera technology; and IC Bus 360.

Lion Electric – Buses | 063020-LONAll-electric Type A, C, and D school and activity buses.

Thomas Built Buses | 063020-TBBSaf-T-Liner® C2 (diesel, CNG, or propane); Saf-T-Liner C2 Jouley® all-electric bus; Saf-T-Liner HDX (diesel or CNG); Saf-T-Liner EFX diesel; Minotour® Type A; MinoTrek Type A; and the Electric Bus Authority program.

* Availability varies by jurisdiction due to regulatory restrictions