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Creating Health Access for All

Contracts awarded in teletherapy services

Cities, counties, and schools everywhere - no matter size or location - have access to vital solutions to serve staff and students with the help of teletherapy.

Sourcewell recently announced six suppliers have been awarded contracts in Teletherapy Services, making their products and solutions available through cooperative purchasing.

These contracts offer access to services for speech, occupational, and physical therapy; psychology and social work; behavioral, emotional, and mental health counseling; special education; hearing and visual impairment; and sign language interpretation; as well as assessment, diagnostic, management, personnel, training, and support services and equipment.

“The ripple effects of the pandemic these past two years are becoming clear,” says Sourcewell Manager of Insurance Solutions Ryan Donovan. “The lives of public servants and students have all been impacted in one way or another.  Distance learning, remote working, strains on first responders and teachers have taken a toll on our mental, physical, and social health. I believe we've learned in the past few years how important it is to recognize, support, and treat the whole person. This category is meant to do just that.”


Following a competitive solicitation process, Sourcewell awarded cooperative purchasing contracts offering access to these suppliers:

The Family Centre | 102821-FMY
Mental health counseling and supports, therapeutic groups, psychoeducational classes and workshops, and sign language interpretation, and teletherapy services.

Global Teletherapy | 102821-GTY
Speech and language pathology; occupational and physical therapy; school social workers, counselors, and psychologists; general education mental health; social and emotional learning (SEL) support; and a speech language pathologist (SLP) platform.

LifeWorks | 102821-LFW
Student mental health support; 24/7 masters-level counselors, real-time and crisis service, and multilingual support – including 150+ languages by appointment; telemedicine, video, and IP appointments; LifeWorks-owned global clinical network; campus and community resource referrals; and health assessment and virtual fitness.

MindBeacon Health | 102821-MND
A continuum of mental healthcare including self-guided psychoeducational and wellness content, peer-to-peer support, guided cognitive behavioral therapy programs, and live therapy sessions all offered virtually through a secure and private platform.

SWORD Health | 102821-SWD
Support for employees and their families with chronic back and joint pain by pairing them with a licensed doctor of physical therapy and an FDA-listed medical device bringing care into their home.

Talkspace, Inc. | 102121-TKS
Virtual counseling, therapy, psychiatry, self-guided tools, and relationship programs; psychoeducation; emergency protocols; relationship app; and behavioral health medication and support.


Sourcewell cooperative purchasing offers choice, value, and peace of mind. Contracts are competitively solicited and delivered through your local dealer or representative. Search our contracts to expand your purchasing options.

Learn more by contacting our client relations team at 877-585-9706 or email.