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Pierz schools recognized as a High Reliability Schools Model Site

At Pioneer Elementary and Healy High School in Pierz, MN, every voice matters when shaping the type of school that educators, staff, administrators, students, and parents want for the future.

Using the High Reliability Schools (HRS) framework, a district team including teacher leaders have forged a shared commitment to providing all students with a highly effective, consistent experience by inviting input, acting on that input, and measuring its success.

“We do a lot of things as staff that really make a big difference for our students,” says Middle School Counselor Scott Herold. “We do these student surveys, we do these staff surveys, there is a purpose with those because we take the feedback we get from those to help improve our schools, help improve our culture.”

Pioneer Elementary Principal Tom Otte also shares, “Now we have a process by which we have continuous improvement that’s transparent — everybody gets to see it, it’s out in the open.”

There is a solid commitment and a lot of excitement around the HRS framework throughout the district. In fact, the district has recently been recognized for that sustained commitment and named a model site for HRS.

Listen in as Pierz educators and school leaders share their insights on what it means to be recognized and the results they are seeing.

The team at Pierz has much to celebrate. And Middle School Principal Corey Egan may have said it best, “There isn’t anybody who walks in our building and doesn’t take a ton of pride in saying that they work for Pierz schools.”

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