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Finding Flexibility in the Building Process

Five vendors awarded contracts in Fabric Structures

Sourcewell Contract Administrator Corey Jensen
This category offers our members a great variety of solutions for their temporary or permanent structure needs. Fabric structures has been a long-requested category that Sourcewell is happy to provide.
Sourcewell Contract Administrator Corey Jensen

From salt and sand to parks and recreation, Sourcewell members seeking flexible storage and building options will find what they're looking for through Sourcewell.

Five vendors have earned contracts in the Fabric Structures category, adding to Sourcewell's diverse line of options and solutions.

Sourcewell Contract Administrator Corey Jensen says this category includes structures with permanent and temporary tension and rigid-framed fabric, membrane, and air supported structures, as well as related materials and services.

“This category offers our members a great variety of solutions for their temporary or permanent structure needs,” Jensen said. “Fabric structures has been a long-requested category that Sourcewell is happy to provide.”

Following a competitive solicitation process, Sourcewell awarded these cooperative purchasing contracts:

Britespan | 091319-BRT
Salt, sand, solid waste, and bulk storage; sports and recreation structures; aviation hanger and maintenance facilities; municipal waste and water centers; material storage bays; fire, EMS, and side entrance vehicle storage; public works material storage.

Calhoun Super Structures | 091319-CLH
Municipal vehicle storage buildings, waste and recycling storage, water treatment facilities, salt and sand production and storage buildings, shade structures for parks and recreation, indoor school athletic facilities, 3D nonlinear finite element analysis, fabric building installation, fabric building parts and recovers, engineered stamped drawings, HDPE or PVC fabric options.

ClearSpan | 091319-CSS*
Rigid frame supported membrane covered structures, economical foundation options, quick construction timelines, turnkey and design-build solutions.

Rubb Building Systems | 091319-RBB
Design, delivery, installation, and project management of energy efficient, corrosion-resistant, temporary or permanent, pre-engineered fabric buildings, including snow removal equipment buildings, (SREs)/salt and sand sheds, equipment storage and workshops, sports facilities, as well as environmental, waste, and recycling buildings; modular and customizable with fire safety performance and flexible building designs.

Yeadon Domes | 091319-YEA
Air-supported, seasonal, and year-round domes.

* Re-awarded vendor with new contract number

These contracts are now available to all Sourcewell members throughout the United States and Canada. Purchasers from public entities save time and money by streamlining the procurement process with cooperative purchasing.

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