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Healthy Employees = Happy Employees

Digital wellness services available through Sourcewell contracts

Take proactive measures to ensure your employees remain healthy, and happy, throughout the year with the help of cooperative contracts in digital health products and solutions.

Eight suppliers have been awarded contracts in this category, making their products and services available through cooperative purchasing.

These contracts offer access to digital solutions and services to support employee physical health and well-being, including digital health coaching, engagement and utilization applications, and condition-specific tools for diabetes prevention and management, weight loss, infertility, and more.

“Physical health is a key pillar of wellness,” says Sourcewell Manager of Insurance Solutions Ryan Donovan. “It not only impacts our daily lives, but it also has tremendous impact on our professional lives and employers. Digital physical health tools are now available on contract to help support employer risk management strategies for group health, workers' compensation, and to round out employee benefits plans. These suppliers provide the tools to lose weight, manage pre-diabetes, and provide convenient access to physical therapy.”


Following a competitive solicitation process, Sourcewell awarded cooperative purchasing contracts offering access to these suppliers:

Habit Design | 012722-HBD  
Healthy habits, behavior change, well-being, corporate wellness, and culture of health coaching; digital therapeutics; stress management; mindfulness training; clinical psychology; and time management.

Hinge Health | 012722-HNG 
Musculoskeletal care, physical therapists, health coaches, physicians and surgeons, exercise therapy, motion tracking and pain relief technology, video physical therapy visits, educational health content, high-risk member intervention, and expert consultations with a surgeon.

incentaHEALTH | 012722-ICH
Weight management and diabetes prevention programs; wellness analytics dashboard; mindful meditation series; home and office delivery modes; fitness tracker integration; published research; customer success managers; app, email, and SMS coaching; measurable outcomes; HEALTHspot kiosk; and return on investment.

Newtopia | 012722-NWT 
Chronic disease and weight management; disease and diabetes prevention; support for hypertension heart health, healthy living, and diabetes; whole health platform; engagement-based pricing model; healthcare and medical cost savings; twice-a-year payback; science-based habit change.

Omada Health | 012722-OMA
Health coaches, physical therapists, and proactive human care team; connected devices; computer vision technology; behavioral health and weight loss support; diabetes prevention; and high blood pressure, diabetes, and musculoskeletal care.

SWORD Health | 012722-SWD
Virtual physical therapy, musculoskeletal, and physical care; teletherapy and tele-physical therapy; digital healthcare; medical and musculoskeletal cost savings; telemedicine; and global capabilities.

Teladoc Health | 012722-TLD
Chronic condition management, diabetes care and management, complete hypertension and diabetes care, and mental health services.

Wondr Health | 012722-WDH 
Digital behavior change, clinically proven results, science-based weight loss plan, whole-health solutions, personalized and inclusive, proven financial ROI of 2.1x, weekly on-demand master class, stress-free implementation, full-featured mobile app, tailored communication, on-call health coaches, and WondrLink online community.


Sourcewell cooperative purchasing offers choice, value, and peace of mind. Contracts are competitively solicited and delivered through your local dealer or representative. Search our contracts to expand your purchasing options.

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