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Leading Through the Unknown

Lessons learned on how to effectively lead in times of uncertainty

To help leaders at schools across the country prepare to return to school this fall, Dr. Joseph Erardi is sharing some of the valuable lessons he learned on how to effectively lead in the midst of the unknown.

When the status quo is shaken to the core, be it by virus or by violence, communities look to local leaders – including school and district administrators.

Recently, Dr. Erardi joined Sourcewell's Rob Amundson virtually for a discussion geared toward school leaders – administrators, superintendents, principals, operations directors, and anyone involved in decisions regarding the health and safety of children in our schools – focused on providing leaders with strategies that use a combination of head and heart.

“Always, always prepare for the worst case scenario,” said Dr. Erardi during the discussion, stating he can see “at some point in this country, at some time, somebody standing in front of a school board and saying ‘You said it was safe to go back to school, and look what my family has suffered. Look what my family has lost.'”

To ensure school leaders are as prepared as possible to prevent such scenarios, a variety of critical topics are covered, including:

  • Communicating with families who have suffered loss.
  • Determining when to return to brick-and-mortar schools.
  • Working with families who are uncomfortable returning.
  • Preparing for positive test results after a return to school.
  • Forming a new definition of school safety.

Access a recording of the discussion here

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