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Need a Lift?

Six suppliers named to lifts, fleet maintenance category

Mike Domin, Sourcewell contract administrator
With this category, public purchasers have access to a wide range of solutions to meet their garage and fleet maintenance needs.
Mike Domin, Sourcewell contract administrator

When you have the vehicles but still need a lift, these contracts can set your wheels in motion.

Six suppliers have earned Sourcewell contracts in Vehicle Lifts with Garage and Fleet Maintenance. This category offers a variety of tools, equipment, and services to manage and maintain vehicle fleets, including lifts, jacks, lathes, presses, stands, alignment and inspection systems, management platforms, and more.

“With this category, public purchasers have access to a wide range of solutions to meet their garage and fleet maintenance needs,” said Sourcewell Contract Administrator Mike Domin. “From specialty vehicle lifts and tools to garage equipment and more, these contracts offer quality products Sourcewell participants have come to expect.”

Contracts awarded

Following a competitive solicitation process, Sourcewell awarded cooperative purchasing contracts offering access to six top brands:

ARI Phoenix | 013020-ARP
Mobile column, drive-on scissor, and floor lifts; exhaust extraction; tire balancers and changers; floor and transmission jacks; hub and rotor removal tools, brake lathes; king pin presses; and support stands.

Liftnow | 013020-LFT
Challenger, rotary, and Bend Pak lifts; rotary wheel service equipment; Coats and Bend Pak/Ranger tire changers and balancers; AMMCO brake lathes; shop equipment; lift installation, equipment, parts, repairs, and inspection; training and setup; and access to GovGarage equipment management platform.

Mohawk Resources | 013020-MRL
Two- and four-post, parallelogram, mobile column, and fork truck service lifts; tire changers; wheel balancers; alignment systems; brake lathes; inspection systems; service jacks; and large vehicle washers.

NAPA Government Fleet | 013020-GPC*
Lifts for automobiles, light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks; equipment for agriculture, farm, and lawn machinery; equipment for off-highway, industrial, shop, garage, recreational and marine equipment; shop disinfecting equipment; technician and shop management training; multiple distribution channels; and machine shop service at select NAPA stores.

Snap-on Industrial | 013020-SNP*
Vehicle lifts; under-car, fleet maintenance, vehicle diagnostic, and garage equipment; hand and power tools; mobile and stationary toolboxes and storage; and tool control and asset management products.

Stertil-Koni | 013020-SKI
Heavy-duty vehicle, mobile column, inground piston and scissor, platform, two- and four-post, truck, and bus lifts; lift accessories and shop equipment; video library; and a North American distributor network.

* Not available in Canada.

These contracts are now available to all Sourcewell participants throughout the United States and Canada (unless otherwise noted). Purchasers from participating agencies - public or nonprofit - save time and money by streamlining the procurement process with cooperative purchasing.

About Sourcewell

Sourcewell is a self-sustaining government organization offering a cooperative purchasing program throughout North America with more than 400 awarded suppliers on contract.