Staples, Minn.,
19:34 PM

NJPA Declares Tigenoah and Han Co-Champions of Lakes Bee

Two students to represent Region 5 at the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington D.C., this spring

Staples, Minn. (13 March 2017) - After careful review of video footage from the March 2 Lakes Bee, National Joint Powers Alliance® names Forestview Middle School eighth-grader, Meryl Tigenoah, and Staples-Motley eighth-grader, Rose Han, co-champions of the regional spelling bee.

Both Tigenoah and Han will represent Region 5 at the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington D.C., May 28-June 2. NJPA will cover all costs for the week for both spellers and one parent/guardian each.

NJPA administrative specialist, Carol Jackson, Lakes Bee coordinator since 2009, said there was a lot of confusion at the end of the 2017 event, and felt it was important to go back and review.

Jackson and NJPA Education Solutions manager, Kassidy Rice, reviewed footage and the Scripps National Spelling Bee's Rules for Local Spelling Bees, and determined the process for final rounds was not properly followed.

“When it was down to the final two students, Rose began as the first speller at each round, and somewhere along the way, Meryl became the first to spell at the start of a new round,” Jackson said. "Because of the mix-up, the word order was incorrect and potentially could have affected the outcome.

“And so, we're going to fully sponsor the co-champions.”

NJPA's mission includes valuing relationships, integrity, and exceeding expectations. Jackson and Rice feel this result stays true to that.

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