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Pass the Salt

Contracts helping members get road ready before winter season

Clinton Strother, Sourcewell contract administrator
Each of these vendors are committed to helping customers find the best product for their respective needs.
Clinton Strother, Sourcewell contract administrator

Salt and brine. It isn't just part of the Thanksgiving meal. It's also part of Sourcewell's recently rolled-out road safety products available on contract.

Cargill Salt and Henderson Products are re-awarded contracts in the ‘Salt, Brine, and Anti-Icing or De-Icing Agents, and Brine Production and Storage Systems’ category, while VariTech Industries is a newly awarded vendor.

Sourcewell Contract Administrator Clinton Strother says members can rest assured they are getting top-quality solutions and service through the three awarded vendors in this category.

“Each of these vendors are committed to helping customers find the best product for their respective needs,” Strother says. “In addition to the actual salt and brine products, these vendors also supply tanks, pumps, and application systems.”

Sourcewell (formerly NJPA), a cooperative purchasing organization, awarded these contracts following a competitive solicitation process:

Cargill Salt - Brine making systems, anti-icing overlay, brine corrosion inhibitor, treated rock salt, deicers, batch brine makers, anti-icing solutions, AccuBrine, AccuBatch, SafeLane, ClearLane.

Henderson Products - Snow and ice control application, maintenance equipment, ice control production equipment.

VariTech Industries - Salt brine production systems, automated brine production, automated chemical blending station, single wall storage tanks, double wall storage tanks, liquid transfer pumps, smart transfer and tank management systems, truck-mounted application systems, trailer-mounted anti-icing system, critical spot sprayer, anti-sloshing equipment, application controllers.

Effective June 17, 2019, these contracts are available to all Sourcewell members throughout the United States and Canada. Purchasers from public entities save time and money by streamlining the procurement process with cooperative purchasing.

Re-Awarded VendorsContract
Cargill Salt052919-CGI
Henderson Products052919-HPI
Newly Awarded VendorsContract
VariTech Industries052919-VAR
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