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Procurement Teams: Are you Prepared for an Emergency?



Hurricanes, floods, fires, and storms have had devastating impacts in several regions of the United States and surrounding island communities recently. The loss and damage caused by these disasters have shown us the importance of preparedness. So, what does this mean for a procurement department?

The recently released First Aid Kit for Emergency Preparedness provides a framework for procurement professionals to enhance their preparedness and response to disasters. The document was written and produced by The National Cooperative Procurement Partners, the professional association for cooperative procurement that is leading the way in elevating the discussion, advocacy, and educational content on cooperative procurement.

The First Aid Kit is organized into three sections: Before, During, and After the Emergency, and features an Off-Site Emergency Kit list and a bonus section of Other Considerations.

“In today's world, it's important to be prepared for various kinds of emergencies, from natural disasters to acts of terrorism,” the NCPP stated in a news release. “The procurement office is a big part of that preparation and an agency's successful response. When a ‘State of Emergency’ is called, the role of the procurement office changes significantly. Where the priority of procurement teams shifts slightly from best value and efficiency to locating and accounting for needed resources in the quickest manner possible. With proper preparation, both goals might be met.”

Learn more about the First Aid Kit, or download or request your own copy.

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