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Setting Up Members to Score

Vendors awarded contracts for Athletic and Physical Education Equipment

Kelly Pearson, Sourcewell Contract Administrator
Rolling out these opportunities is an exciting time for Sourcewell and our members as we continue to add to an already-extensive line up of goods and services for all public agencies.
Kelly Pearson, Sourcewell Contract Administrator

Coaches, trainers, and physical education instructors are set to score with a new equipment category through Sourcewell cooperative purchasing.

Four vendors have earned contracts in the Athletic and Physical Equipment category, adding to Sourcewell's diverse line of options and solutions for public agencies, schools, colleges, and universities.

Sourcewell Contract Administrator Kelly Pearson says members from both K-12 and higher education have been seeking contracts for quality equipment vendors, and this category delivers.

“These well-known companies have been serving athletic supplies and physical education equipment needs for decades,” Pearson says. “Rolling out these opportunities is an exciting time for Sourcewell and our members as we continue to add to an already-extensive line up of goods and services for all public agencies.”

Following a competitive solicitation process, Sourcewell awarded these cooperative purchasing contracts:

Gill Athletics | 071819-PTA

Track and field equipment; throwing cages; hurdles, pole vaulting poles, javelins, discus, hammer, and shot-put implements; high jump and pole-vaulting landing systems; soccer, tennis, and baseball field equipment; football goal posts; ball stop systems.

Gopher Sport | 071819-PRO

Physical education equipment and curriculum; athletic, sports, fitness, recess, weight room, and recreation equipment; coaching supplies; physical activity resources; games and activities.

Flaghouse | 071819-FLG

Physical education and recreation equipment, products and therapeutic equipment for special needs, proprietary solutions for education and sensory integration, CATCH® - evidence-based coordinated approach to child health program, Snoezelen® multi-sensory environments, sensory rooms and gyms, physical education and recreation activity guides and videos.

Palos Sports | 071819-PAL

Physical education equipment and supplies; fitness equipment; classroom activities; cones; first aid; scooters; playballs; sports; parachutes; games and activities; nutrition; coach aids.

Porter Athletic | 071819-PTA

Indoor and outdoor athletic equipment, wall padding, gym divider curtains.

These contracts are now available to all Sourcewell members throughout the United States and Canada. Purchasers from public entities save time and money by streamlining the procurement process with cooperative purchasing.

About Sourcewell

Sourcewell (formerly National Joint Powers Alliance) is a self-supporting government organization, partnering with education, government, and nonprofits to boost student and community success. Created in 1978 as one of Minnesota's nine service cooperatives, we offer training and shared services to our central-Minnesota members. Throughout North America, we offer a cooperative purchasing program with more than 325 awarded vendors on contract. Sourcewell is driven by service and the ability to strategically reinvest in member communities.